• Perseverance pays off. It shows the value of relentless prayer, urging us not to lose heart even when the answers are not forthcoming.
  • Life’s persistent trials should be met with persistent prayers.
  • There is hope, even when our prayers seem unanswered.

The Key to Humility

  • No significant achievement can match a humble heart.
  • God values a repentant and humble heart over religious ceremonies and spectacles.
  • Recognizing our shortcomings allows us to receive God’s grace.
  • Pray continually. Incessive prayer reveals our heart’s resistance against complacency and despair.
  • Never lose hope; giving up is not an option. Our faith challenges us to persist in prayer and anticipate God’s response.
  • God is just: No matter our circumstances, God’s ultimate sovereignty prevails. Justice may not be immediate, but it is definitive and irrevocable.

Embrace the Lessons of Luke 18